Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tool really free forever?

The transcripts tool is completely free, with no expiration. Any reference to payments, upgrading, or a 15-day trial does not pertain to this Transcripts tool. When you sign up for any type of Canopy account, you will enter into a free 15-day trial of Canopy’s full suite of tools. Once your 15-day trial of the full Canopy suite expires, you will continue to have access to the Transcripts tool at no cost.

Is Canopy IRS compliant?

Yes, Canopy complies with all published requirements by the IRS. These compliance requirements, as well as your clients’ security, were top-of-mind when we designed Canopy. Canopy uses the same authorization procedures and security that the IRS uses to pull transcripts. Your e-Services credentials are not retained in Canopy and all passwords are encrypted.

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